Apps for Good CEO Heather Picov on Celebrating 10 years of Apps for Good

Oct 06, 2020
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We’ve helped over 200,000 young people build their confidence and thrive in a world that is constantly changing.”

We are celebrating our 10th birthday this month and it is with great pride that I look back on the last decade. We’ve accomplished so much with the support of so many people like you.

When we launched, the first iPhone had only been on the market for a few years. Technology has advanced apace, and so has the enthusiasm of our students and teachers to learn and apply these technologies. Today we have courses in app development, internet of things and machine learning, teaching the full product development process from problem to prototype to pitch.

We’ve helped over 200,000 young people build their confidence and thrive in a world that is constantly changing.

A year like 2020 is an odd year to be celebrating a big milestone like this. But if anything brings into sharp focus the talent of our young people and the importance of what we teach, it’s this year. Young people need to be resilient, adaptable and creative and work together to tackle problems big and small. Too many young people are being left behind, with an ever-widening skills and opportunity gap between well-off students and their less-privileged peers. Schools and young people need our help more than ever.

We’ve spent the past few months speaking with some of the people like you who have helped shape who we are now and learning from their experiences. One student said, “What could have been a small project… completely changed my life”.

We’ve created a space on our site to celebrate everyone’s achievements and we hope that you will enjoy spending time with us over the next month hearing from teachers, students, partners and experts. And if you have a story to share, we’d love to hear from you.

To the next 200,000 students!

Heather Picov - CEO

We are celebrating a decade of Apps for Good, if you enjoyed this we have lots more for you to explore on our 10 years page, and here on our blog.